The 'Rent vs. Buy" Debate Dissected
For years, buying a home was a measure of financial success...

However the housing crisis flipped that idea upside down, and people realized buying isn’t always the best option. Which is why the 'Rent vs. Buy' debate is completely pointless, and here's why:
Because, for years we’ve oversold the dream of owning a home, but now it seems like it's being taken to the other extreme. So how did we go from years of believing homeownership is a smart financial move to now believing it’s one of the worst financial moves you can make?

To address the question, it helps to see both sides of the argument.

And you'll be surprised to hear the real deal experience of what Ryan discovered while personally going through this exact decision making process.
So, WATCH THE VIDEO below NOW to find out what this means for you.
By Kristian Cotta
October 4th, 2017
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